[FCC] Agreeing on principles and a plan of action

Ben West ben at gowasabi.net
Mon Sep 28 12:23:32 PDT 2015

I'm writing specifically in follow-up up to this proposed principle:

* We will not precompile base images containing a user interface allowing
violations of the rules of the regulatory domain for which it is created.

I think Peter from DD-WRT touched on this tangentially, but do please be
aware at least one vendor (Ubiquiti Networks
ships stock firmware that, upon initial power-up, simply presents the user
with a drop-down list where he may select a regulatory domain.

DD-WRT, OpenWRT, etc likely would not be able to effect meaningful
restriction of regulatory domain(s) available to the user, i.e. more
restrictive than what the stock firmware itself permits.  Indeed, Ubiquiti
may be changing this widget on their firmware's UI, but then again, they
may decide they don't have to.

Ben West
ben at gowasabi.net
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