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b. Modification of Certified Equipment by Third Parties

41. The Commission also proposed to permit third-party RF-controlling
software modifications to previously certified devices under the same
procedures that currently apply to grantee modifications of SDRs. The
Commission also proposed to incorporate the technical requirements
currently specified in the current SDR rule (which was proposed to be
deleted) into its broadly applicable application processing rule.


I believe this the part proposed to be deleted :
§2.909   Responsible party.

(4) If the radio frequency equipment is modified by any party not working
under the authority of the responsible party, the party performing the
modifications, if located within the U.S., or the importer, if the
equipment is imported subsequent to the modifications, becomes the new
responsible party.

(d) If, because of modifications performed subsequent to authorization, a
new party becomes responsible for ensuring that a product complies with the
technical standards and the new party does not obtain a new equipment
authorization, the equipment shall be labelled, following the
specifications in §2.925(d), with the following: “This product has been
modified by [insert name, address and telephone number of the party
performing the modifications].”
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